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Have you seen the Mean Girls movie? It's not my cup of tea movie but I've seen this movie (part one and two). The movie is about a friendship between girls and their frenemies. First I know about the terms of frenemy is from About.Com. 

A quite interesting finding for me as I never know the word of frenemy before as well as  it reminds me with my buddy's experience with her frenemy.

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In Bahasa (Indonesian) frenemy is musuh dalam selimut. Frenemy itself is the composite of two words: friend and enemy. It terms for a person with two faces; offering you a friendship but stabbing behind your back. 

When talking about frenemy I feel like back again to years ago when I was a teenager, years where I thought everyone was my frenemies :). But then I realize (just recently) that, in fact, frenemy is (unfortunately) still exist in my adult life. 

Nia and her frenemy

Nia is a very nice woman, has been married for many years and has two kids. She has just find out recently that her friend is actually frenemy. Nia has been friend with her frenemy nearly four years. Their home location is close to each other as well as they have kids with similar ages so that make sense why they're friends. 

Until one day, Nia got problems and her frenemy came to her with helps. She seemed really helpful during Nia's difficult life and Nia felt indebted for what her frenemy did to her. So when her frenemy asked her for helps, Nia, of course wanted to pay the debts by helping her back. But eventually the frenemy needed her helps most of the time ... over and over again. She spread the story of Nia's problems to others.

One day, Nia couldn't really help her frenemy for valid reasons - the frenemy, shamelessly, mentioned to Nia that she was indebted to her. 

Nia  is now trying to avoid her frenemy and it seems work so far as her frenemy stops contacting her. Nia told me that she's now learning about what frenemy means. 

Till tomorrow.

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