Sentosa Singapore: The Hidden Paradise

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We live about an hour away from Sentosa. The place is one of I and my hubby favorite places to spend the  weekend. The location is similar to Dufan Ancol Jakarta - surrounded by the sea but I must be honest that Sentosa is much cleaner than Ancol!

Sentosa is also close to port called Harbourfront, the interface port for Singapore to Batam island, one of the  Indonesia's island. Walking distance from Harbourtfront to Sentosa is around 500 to 600  meters and having a ticket entrance is a must if you want to go to Sentosa. The ticket is about SGD $5.
Harbourfront - Singapore

The Universal Studio is the most place to visit by many tourists in Sentosa. To enter the Universal Studio you must have ticket. The price is quite expensive especially during the peak season. You can buy the ticket online, walk in or through travel agent. The Song of the Sea is another favorite one to visit by Sentosa visitors. Usually shown in the evening (after 7 pm).
and here I am front of the Universal Studio :)
And many physical activities you can also do in Sentosa, such as cycling, jogging along the beach, climbing, etc. But apart of the beach as my favorite place in Sentosa, I have a 'secret' place where I could stay for longer than I thought.
this is my favorite view from Sentosa

Sentosa is not so big place to go around. You can do many activity things here. I see many visitors like doing volley ball on the beach, swimming or even just sitting on the beach. Very nice atmosphere and yet very safe place. 

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  1. I've never been in Singapore, but I'd like to save my money to go there since read your post. thank you


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