Singapore: The #1 Food World

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I love everything about Singapore, especially the foods here. I can find all Asian foods here with nothing to worry about the price. Why I don't need to worry about the price? I usually go to Kopitiam, a famous food court in Singapore. This place is everywhere, easy to find and has variety of foods (even western foods) and yet it's very cheap.

If you're on the budget travelling to Singapore, going to food court is definitely a good idea :). The food price in food court between SGD $2,50 cent to SGD $12. For nasi goreng (fried rice) and egg is cost only SGD $2-3.
Beef  BBQ SGD $5
Fish soup with behoon SGD $4,50 cent

One package of taiwan food only SGD $5
One thing I know about Singapore is people like eating out so most restaurants here are always full by visitors - special in the meals time. Apart of  using the plate and glass in the kitchen the rest of the housewares are remain untouched in our apartment. Don't blame me for this, it's just I have a good reason not to cook!

For restaurant in Singapore the cost is also not too much different from the food court like Kopitiam. I and my husband love the Thai foods, we tried the Siam Kitchen in Bugis Junction and the foods were fantastic, and what my husband love most was its authentic.
Mango salad & mango juice SGD $ 8
Calamari & lime juice SGD $9
Pad thai SGD $7,50 cent
Its not just from its authentic that make us in love with foods in Singapore but because its 'legally' healthy and clean! Every stall in food court has a 'level' of its cleanliness. And usually they put this level mark in their stall. So when I visit a food stall I like checking what marks they've got!
Pirate on 'sale' SGD $ 22 
Fancy restaurants will cost you more (of course!). If you have more budget then no harm to try it. We'd love to try in Marina Bay Sands but until then let's put this on the list!

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