The Picnic With Mind Healing At Botanic Garden

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I love spending weekend with outdo even it just a small step of walking. And although Singapore is a small country it has many interesting places to go, to spend the weekend especially. I and my husband are ready with the plan tomorrow - going to Botanic Garden! 

Botanic Garden is located in central Singapore, from where we live, it's less than half our by the MRT. I love going to Botanic garden, not just because this place is good for picnic but also a 'meditation'. It's not a real meditation, really: we like lying down at the grass where the place is a bit far from clamor - our favorite place is front of the small turtle lake. The green atmosphere and the fresh of smell grass makes me easy to fall sleep like a baby!

The park with a symphony orchestra makes the weekend for the family perfect! The symphony orchestra is shown at weekend (on Sunday).
The turtle lake

The best part of my weekend time!
The good part is not ended in just the picnic story because there are still many other places must visit. The National Orchid Garden is one of the places that you must visit. It is the only place with an entrance ticket. The ticket is about SGD $ 10. Be ready with your camera as you don't want all the most type beautiful orchids in the world missed without a proof!
All beautiful orchids were here
Another don't miss one is Evolution Garden. We just found out this garden on our second visit to Botanic Garden. Visiting this place will bring you to the Jurassic park - even before the earth was complete! It's a good idea to bring your kids here - I saw no family with kids at all when we visited this garden. 

No ticket to enter the Evolution Garden. What you only need to bring (again) is a camera. Make sure you explore each of your steps with your camera as who knows if you kidnapped by a little dinosaurs there!
The Evolution Garden
A little map to help a little trip to a 'big world'.
What kind of trees are these?

Took only less than a half hour to walk around the Evolution Garden - you could do quicker than us if you want but we were taking time to explore the Evolution Garden as we did not want miss a single thing in there: I found a little step of  feet animal but not sure what it was.

Anyway, it's a good place to visit.

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