When I Said: "Singapore Zoo Is Excellent!"

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So far as I remember the last time I went to zoo was about 15 years ago. Have not even been to Dublin zoo during my a few years life time in Ireland but for some particularly reasons I and my hubby decided to visit the zoo in Singapore.

The location of the zoo was quite far from where we leave and we must took the MRT first then continued taking the bus. We took the bus from Bishan and from there to the zoo took approximately half hour. I don't really like taking the bus but luckily the transportation in Singapore is convenient! 

Thank God, the trip didn't 'torture' me - the trip from Bishan MRT to the the zoo; the bus was convenient and the road atmosphere all the way to the zoo was clean ... which was save me from being sick! The bus was stopped at the last stop - front of the zoo entrance. 
Ready for the adventure ... (this is not Bolt signature, for sure!)
That little turtle and me,

The entry ticket was about SGD $25 (inclusive with the boat ticket). It's a big enough zoo so we started to walk by reading the map first ...

We were 'welcomed' by a little animal near the entrance which attracting many visitors and not far from there some beautiful color birds brought attention to us. 

I enjoy looking the chipmunk that back and forward looking attention the visitors. We continued to walk forward to see some crocodiles that enjoying the sun under the bridge where we stood - a bit disappointing as they weren't making any moves during our visit :(.

The tiger trek was my favorite one as I got the information about the tigers story from around the world and  the struggling of keeping the scarce tigers now :(.
Oh yeah, I love turtle! (excuse me but not for eating it!)
Although I hate snake I must admit that it's stunning animal!

I hate snake - I always hate it. I have no idea how a person like snake but my hubby does. I let him went around to see his favorite animals while I was just sitting looking at the better view. 

I was just so enjoying looking at them!

After all these years I found myself interested in 'studying' the animals - I might got the influence from reading the Life of Pie or the interest of my hubby to animals, or perhaps the infrastructures zoo that made me forget that they were not just animals but they were too a being, like us.

I saw closely all the animals and looking at their short description on a little backboards and somehow I 'feel' them ...



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