How To Apply Tourist Visa For Indonesia

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This morning, I went  to South Jakarta Immigration located at Mampang Prapatan to extend my hubby's second visa and that's why I'm inspired to post this on my blog as I'm thinking it might be useful for my readers. With the new building renovation the office seems very convenient with very friendly and smiley staffs and the most important thing is they have a queue machine ticket and good air conditioner!

So are you planning to have holiday in Indonesia? Organize it and look for the information about what Indonesia culture looks like. And first thing you need to know before coming to Indonesia is the purpose of your visit. A short visit usually is for holiday, which is for 30 days only and in my knowledge it cannot be extended. So you must get out of the country to if you want to extend it again. 

Sample of Visa on Arrival

The 30 days holiday visa called Visa On Arrival or VOA and this visa can be got in the International airport in Indonesia. Please check below if your country is eligible to get VOA (source from wikipedia):

If you're country is not listed above then you are advice to apply visa in the Indonesian Embassy in your country.

If you want to stay longer than 30 days and you don't wish to get out of Indonesia for the extension then you need to get different type of visa.

Sample of Sosial Budaya Visa

Sosial Budaya visa is a visa that allows you to stay up to 6 months in Indonesia without leaving the country for the extension. To get this visa you need to apply in the current country where you live. I applied this type of visa for my hubby in Singapore and it's pretty easy, but first you need to get a sponsor from Indonesia (but I heard some people say that's okay without a sponsor. Please double check about this).

Here are some documents  I brought to apply Sosial Budaya Visa:
1. Application form (fill in all the information about you)
2. Your original passport
3. A sponsor letter with his/her signature on top of  RP 6,000 Materai
4. A copy of sponsor's ID card - Kartu Tanda Penduduk (KTP)
5. A copy of sponsor's Kartu Keluarga (KK)
6. A copy of your certificate marriage (if you're married)

If your visa approved then you will be given for two months (60 days) visa and then it can be extended up to 6 months. So have you decided how long are you going to stay in Indonesia?

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