How To Extend 'Sosial Budaya' Visa

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Still about Indonesia tourist visa. The other day I posted about how to apply tourist visa for Indonesia and I also alluding to Sosial Budaya visa. This type of visa is alternative way for those who want to stay longer than 30 days without exit the state to extend it.

You need a sponsor from Indonesia to apply this visa. Ask your Indonesian friends to be your sponsor or alternatively look for an agent to sponsor you.

Sample extension of Sosial Budaya visa

The procedure for extending this visa is quite easy, I extend it by myself and I don't even need my hubby come with me. Here are few steps to extend Sosial Budaya visa:

Go to your local Immigration office
Check here for your local immigration office. I went to South Jakarta immigration office at Mampang Prapatan, the foreign service is on the 3rd floor. Most the staff very  friendly (the locket 6 and 7 specially!) . Take the queue ticket near the security: look for perpanjangan.

Get the extension form application
You can get this at the basement level or the 3rd level, don't forget to ask a red map and materai (I asked  4 for each of them for next extension). Copy all the necessary documents (all the documents are almost the same like the first time you apply for this visa). 

Wait two or three days
After you submit all the necessary documents wait for two or three days. You will be given the date when you must be back there. 

Extension fee
The date when you come back to the immigration is for paying the fee Rp 250,000. I was advised to come in the morning to pay the fee and rather than go home I waited for the visa till 3 o'clock. You might need to come back again if you pay the fee after afternoon so better to go in the morning.

Easy busy steps, eh? My tips to get your visa done quickly is have all your documents on hands and don't forget to SMILE, be friendly to anyone: even better if you can speak Bahasa, even just little.

You are prohibited to work in Indonesia with this visa and any infractions will cost you big trouble in the future.

JKT, 09.56-220213.

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  1. Hi Jen, thanks so much for your post I just extended my visa without an agent at the same office as you without any problems. A visa agency wanted 1 million rupiah per application ! more than the application itself and the people were friendly and clear with no extra charges at all. Thank you again!!


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