Stuck On You

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Do you still remember how it feels to have a best buddy in your life? You feel like that's all you need. But what about if you have a worst buddy and he or she stuck on you?

Story One
Don't know why I avoid not to have long chat with her but when I pass her in the lobby I just give a smile, say hello and walk away hastily afterwards. She likes spend more her times in the lobby waiting the others come as the listeners about what just happen to her life today rather than spending her time calling her family. Oh yeah, she's a widow (according to her), but so strange for such as a widow never talk about her husband or her kids while we share about our family in the conversation.
We met just 3 months ago. We came here a month before her. She was friendly when first we saw each others but I didn't really buy it. To me she's like a lonely woman who looking for a friend. And I'm right. She told everyone here about a lot of stuff (mostly about her wealth): about how rich she is. She doesn't want to listen to other people story, never mind my story. Nevertheless, I'm still friend with her. That's right. We have a chat, anyway: I and her. To make the situation more civilize. 
In what my hubby's lesson we should not make friends with people we don't like. In other words stay away from the trouble. But, sometimes I don't take the whole lessons, or I just can't. It's just because different what I feel and think about it. Rather than give straight attitude to them I prefer to use softer way.
It is not fair on us when we think about it: why we should keep nice to them if we don't like them? Doesn't feel like a hell being near them?
I don't know. But my angel thought saying that maybe we should give ourselves time to know them. It's not such a bad thing to talk side by side with person you don't like and giving both yourselves time to share a story. What do you think?

Story Two

I contacted her on Facebook to let her know that I was already in Jakarta. Oh yeah she's my close friend since we were in secondary school, by the way.
As just like other old friends do I asked her if she wanted to meet me. I called her few times just for a chat. Through few conversation from the phone she told me about her problems with her dad. I felt sorry for her when her dad kicked her out of the house and she didn't have money left. She asked for a loan from me.
You know you will always be there for your buddy when something happens to them. So do I. So I offered her to come stay in our place and give her the money here. She told she had no money to come to my place - our distance is just 1 hour away by car. And she refused to meet up at her place by giving a dozen of reasons.
I could have just stop contact her - she often do this to me but (again) my angel thought say: "but she is your best friend, don't you care about her?"
Dilemma often emerges when friendship impetuous equal and balance is difficult to get when take and give is not there. And it feels like a magnet stuck on your head when you're not in the same way with someone's psychological behavior and attitude but you still keep the friendship going normal. 
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