Thank You For (NOT) Smoking

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You will find a bit culture shock if first time arrive in Jakarta, not just the high traffic but anything that you think contrary to your home culture.

Even just for me who was born and grew up in Jakarta, I feel like an alien in my hometown. The traffic in Jakarta make it worst and I wonder how people in Jakarta survive from this? 

I might survive from the traffic but I have something that very difficult to tolerate, is when people smoke near to me. What makes me so mad is most the smokers ignore the sign of no smoking and people near them! 

Do you know when you have to call somebody ass***e? It when they ignore anything but themselves. 

My story

In 2005, I and my hubby had a bus trip from Merak to Medan. In the middle of trip a guy was smoking where there was air conditioner on AND with a sign of no smoking! I looked at the back seat and there was a couple with a toddler crying a lot. I approached to where the guy smoke and tell him that he not supposed to smoke on the bus. And do you know what he respond to me? He just smiled at me and continued to enjoy his f*****g cigarette.

So quite shocking when arrived in a restaurant the staff asking us: "Non smoking or smoking area?" When we  were brought to the non smoking area, about few centimeters from us there was a smoking area!

How about making the warning sign like this?

So quite shocking when arrived in a restaurant the staff asking us: "Non smoking or smoking area?" When we  were brought to the non smoking area, about few centimeters from us there was a smoking area! And I find most restaurants or pubs in Indonesia are the same: Non smoking and smoking area are in the same room.

When I asked a friend of mine who run a pub business in Jakarta why they allow people smoke inside, and they just answered: "Well, this is Indonesia, you know".  

Today more people smoke than few years ago and they're everywhere. It is quite shocking when you used to live in where people respect to the law and you here in a 'jungle' where law is just a joke. 

The law, the young consumers and the society

I don't know how strict the law for cigarette in Indonesia and but when I see so many advertisement for cigarette I understand why now more people smoke in Indonesia, teens and adults - too many advertisement and events that sponsored by company cigarette. As well as the warning sign displayed only for less then a second, some the advertisements allowed to modify the warning sign.

Clear warning sign still don't stop people from smoking

Warning, warning, warning!

By all means the company cigarette is thriving in Indonesia bear in mind 28 percent of the population smoke. So don't be surprised if you see a group of teens enjoying their cigarette in a restaurant or public place OR if you are non-smoker parents and your kiddos don't like to listen to you not to smoke, just remember that the society is the sample of how the young people act.

In 2008, the World Health Organization (WHO) found that Indonesia was ranked number third for cigarette consumers.

This is really a serious issue, you know - how come we ignore the consequence of smoking?

I was with my hubby having  lunch in usual restaurant in Citos Cilandak, not far from us, we saw few so young kids smoking, they're probably the same age as my son. I really wanted to approach them and tell them to go home and do their home work!

It's annoying when the smoker know you don't smoke and they keep smoking front of you and I get this so many times since in Jakarta!

If just the law made to be followed there would be no more people smoke. You know the impact of cigarette to the second hand smoker, it's worst than the first smoker, right? I feel the impact right away when I breath the smoke from people near me, my trout feel sore and cough all the time.

So how can we deter the young kids for not smoking then?

I honestly don't know the answer. The family will be the first sample but again the society play big role in how the young generation act.

I'm grateful that none of in our family smoke and  my son is somewhere in a good place where nobody smoke.

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