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Sunday, February 17, 2013 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

I hate when my fingers can't go a long together with my head to type something. For unknown reasons the idea couldn't transfer from my head to my fingers: do you know why? I search some articles on the internet about how to be a writer, and believe me I don't search it to be a good writer, I just want to know how to write smoothly. And that's all.  

Why do I need to write? What so important from writing?
I always have idea, to do something, specially when I don't have a specific job. The thing is the idea gone along with particular a billion of neurons on my head. That's the mistake we often make: keep the idea too long in our head and do nothing for it until we realize the mistake we make. 

Yesterday, I went for the interview job. You have no idea how hate I am to be employee. I'm serious. But here I am. In the situation that I think I have no choice - this is not really my attitude, I guess apart of myself is missing since ... I don't know. By the way, the job is for teaching English, math and science in an international school. Funny that I apply this job, as I'm not good at math and neither science (and maybe English too!) BUT I want a challenge (red: not LIKE). I must challenge my self to learn about these subjects.
Blame my teachers for not making the lessons so interesting. I really hated theses subjects. I went study for Accounting which math was part of it as well. I apologize if I have to admit that most my teachers were boring i.e. English, Math and Science teachers. Some few friends of mine in the class like were good at these three subjects but you know why they were good at these subjects (because they're boring too?).

My brain was not that brilliant like my lucky friends who had good connection at thinking these boring subjects but I still had a thousand of billion neurons that could solve some questions test you know. However, I got A both for the Data Analysis and Statistic subjects: will this count to be a Math or Science teacher? You can judge me for this. 

Back to the interview job. I was interview by two women who were I think the same age as me. They seemed surprise when reading my CV. The interviewed went well and wasn't really formal. At the end of the interview they asked me: "how much the salary do you expect from us?" That was a very confusing question and the really thing that I don't have the answer. So I replied her with a question: "How much do you think should I get paid?" To be honest, I don't really have a good answer for  that and I feel funny.

Anyway, don't blame me if they hire me. 

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