The Devil Wears Prada

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It's not me on the picture for sure.

The mall looked so expensive, we came in anyway. One girl asked the others to look around for window shopping. I didn't mind to just window shopping sometimes but not with this a group of freaking females (eh?). I chose to hang out and having fun with my 'own' girlfriends because you know what would happen if ingroup and outgroup combined.

But that day I didn't have a choice to meet them up for a meeting organization reason - why would you have a meeting organization in such an expensive mall? - well, it wasn't my idea (definitely!) and I tell you about this story later.

I bet most women like luxury stuff and so do I. I have some few brand bags and I got them on winter sale in Dublin. What I mean by sale, it's really really sale price! Other than Guess my favorite brand is DKNY. They are reasonable with the price. I can get about Rp 2.50 Millions (€175) for a very nice hand bag.

One of my old DKNY . Cost about € 175  and it's been 5 years!

Guess cost about S$ 100 on sale in Singapore - 7 months.

Ok that's enough for the show off. However, there is no way I buy a brand bag in 'normal price' - is there normal price for the brand bags? 

We went around on the first floor where all the brand bags divestitures. Unintentionally, I said something to them: "I look for a wallet". One of the girls replied: "I'll look it for you", and she brought us to Gucci shop. Confidently, she asked the staff who stand up behind the display window and said: "Can we have a look that one?" pointing at the one of the wallets. She showed me the wallet with the price tag on it in amount of €500!

We didn't mean to go to this most expensive mall I've ever been in my life but she, the freakiest one, insisted to go there. We were just being polite, so we followed her.

And at this time I must say: NO, thank you. 

After the crazy window shopping she asked to go to coffee shop on the 3rd floor where is so much more expensive than any coffee shop in the country - even for just a cup of tea. And at this time I must say: No, thank you.

It wasn't because I couldn't afford Rp 325k (€25) for a cup of tea, but hey I have responsibility too for our money - even I only manage small responsibility, and I must pay for my college and my son's college fee, and bla bla.

Do you have to explain to your girlfriends about your financial at home so that they don't ask you again to hang out again in an expensive mall? Anyway, why does it have to be in the mall or coffee shop to hang out???

Few days after we hang out I heard about her getting loan from one of the girls to buy a Louise Vuitton. Well, what can I say? Addiction is dangerous. I don't know how she do it but I know why she do that.

DKNY wallet with Rp 12k inside. Does not cover  matter?

It's cheap and it's so relaxing
20 swallows like this for €25

She was proudly show me her new Louise Vuitton when we met on the train. "What a very nice bag" I commented to her bag. 

Both of us are very proud of ourselves, but sure in different ways. 

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