The Srikandi Blogger 2013 Award is Ready to Rock 'n' Roll

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I guess people haven't heard about this award, neither do I. The idea of this award comes from a group online of women society in Indonesia, Kumpulan Emak Blogger, or well known as KEB, a quite popular of women community in media networks in Indonesia which also active promoting their events through networks society. 

KEB is one of a leading online women community in Indonesia, having more than 800 members on Facebook and 1700 followers on Twitter. Seeing that they just celebrated their first society anniversary in January, these numbers are very significant. 

Mira Sahid, Founder of KEB
What is Srikandi Blogger 2013 Award?
Inspired from the Srikandi's name and its story, and the technology invasion in life society,  KEB introduce and announce the Srikandi Blogger 2013 Award to their members and all women in Indonesia to participate the competition. Two most important requirements are the participants should be at least aged 20 and having active blog two years.

Are you in? 

Fun, Positive, Genuine, Inspiring 
Based on KEB mission to get Indonesian women to be more positive using social networks, they encourage women to write more on their blogs. Nothing is really sophisticated from most their writings, but their enthusiasms make them more than sophisticated women. 

KEB on a station radio interview

KEB at Kompasianival
KEB is ready to spread their wings

What interests me is all the members of  this community comes from different backgrounds and ages. They actual meaning of the name of the site, KEB, is meant to be the community of blogger women. But the terms of Emak in Bahasa means a married woman, usually married women with kids. Surprisingly, there is also young female teenagers join this community. 

These teenagers obviously don't mind being called Emak, don't they?

Whatever you do in life, the bottom line is to love what you do. We thank you Mira Sahid, the founder of KEB, for creating this community. You're rock Mak!

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photo sources: Kumpulan Emak Blogger


  1. Nice post. Agreed, let's thank Mak Mira for her idea and initiative in the establishment of KEB. I m proud to be one of the member of it. :)

  2. Hi, here i am, Blog walking to find other nomine of Srikandi Blogger Nice to found your blog .

    Salam srikandi , sukses untuk kita semua ya :D


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