Gontor New Registration For Year 2013

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Assalamualaikum Sri,
I am Azizah from malaysia. I am interested to know more about your son's school - Gontor.
I have look at the school website and it looks interesting. My son is going to sit for upsr this year. So I start surveying and getting information for his secondary school. I am looking for a boarding school with combination of academic and islamic subjects.
I have several question for Gontor:
When is the school holiday? and what is the school term/semester ie. like in Malaysia, the intake is from early January.

Since you are staying in Singapore, do you visit him frequently?
I tried to email the school, but the email address is not working.
Thanks Sri!
A month ago I got an email from someone in Malaysia asking about Gontor. We can actually get the information about the registration at Gontor website, it has clearly written about what documents we need to bring but many parents have no clue what next after registering their sons.

It's not necessary to bring all stuff when you come to register for your son specially if you come from outside Java - you don't want to get exceed luggage in the airport, do you? Gontor has provided a place to stay for guests, a canteen, and a small shop completes with student stuff. 

If you forget to bring something such as a document on the registration day, tell them that you will send it by post - they will understand. The most important thing is your children are physically healthy, have good basic of knowledge about how to read Koran and do Shalaat.

Your children will have to stay right away in Gontor after the registration, make sure they know this as some children might not prepare for this. Giving the children knowledge or information early about Gontor might be important so that can prevent the children from feeling being forced by the parents. 

New students will get holiday for almost 3 weeks before Ramadhan and after Syawal, for the other students might get longer holiday - holiday this year will be starting in June and for one and half month.

About visiting our children, I think it will depend on their psychological conditions, but normally kids at first grade still need special attention from the parents. I visit my son often, almost every month. 

Finally, all the capel must do some tests before becoming a student Gontor, the early to register the better for your son/daughter to prepare the test. 

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