Pinky, Winky, Linky!

Friday, April 26, 2013 Unknown 4 Comments

"Don't take that color!" that message always comes from him whenever he sees me with a pink color. I'm a pink lover and I can't help it. Well, I wasn't before until ... I can't really remember when I actually like, or love, this color, and I'm afraid that I might turn to gay.

What color do you like?



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  2. Yes! I like this also, pinky pinky .. But wait, my eyes are being focused to your red roll and clutch! And the fact, I'm wearing red blouse, red lipstick and red earring today lol

    Jeung, please visit & follow my blog y .. I'm a new comer in blogging ..

  3. sumpe loh pinky lover? sama dong kaya eike

  4. im a pink lover , too . same as you , pink is the best !!!


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