Srikandi Blogger 2013: "Kartini, We Exist Because Of You"

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 Unknown 1 Comments

It's good to learn a history of our own country specially when it comes about a hero. One of Indonesian women favorite hero is Kartini, she is the best example for Indonesian women today. 

Her day is celebrated every year on the 21st of April, and today we're not just remembering her as a person but also her agony to women's rights.

Luckily, we don't really have to face the same problem that Kartini's era had (well, a little bit). The era technology today has led many women from different age and background to spread their voice easily to be heard by people in the world. 
Young women today are just very lucky to be born in this millennium, they have more advantages to develop their knowledge and skills. 

We, women, are very enjoying the benefits of the technology invasion Indonesia. As well as it brings positive impact to the society many people use it for their negative purposes. At least good people are still out there. While frauds and scams through invade the technology many community online decide to fight these. 

Indonesia is one of growing country for blogging community. This shown by the existence of blogger community in every region of Islands in Indonesia. And many of bloggers are women. Do you remember I  posted about a community of women bloggers that based in Indonesia? 

Yeah, they're currently doing a competition for all women in Indonesia. Positive thoughts and ideas have been spread through online by this community, and they're on their way to acknowledge that even ordinary women still have a chance to learn technology and develop their knowledge.

Anyway, did I tell you why I love blogging? Because it is simple. 

Happy Kartini day.

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  1. I'd loved to join an Indonesian Women Blogger community. Is there any way that I can join that community?



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