Not Good Enough To Be A Writer? Start With Blogging!

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What first cross in your mind when you think about writing? Do you have one, no? I always lost idea when my fingers have more 'thoughts' than my idea. My mind keeps saying 'Write that' and 'write this' but no single words come. I'm sure this might happen to you too: writing is indeed uneasy thing to do at the start. 

Start with a blog

Nervous. That was first thing attack me when I had my essay, and specially I had to write it in English! I couldn't even get a good essay in Bahasa, how the hell could I get a good essay in English? So I decided to have a blog to practice my writing.

Blogging teach me naturally how to write. I write anything that I'm interested in. It's been nearly four years I blog, and I see the benefit from blogging is not just to practise my writing but also in positive advantages as well. 

Blogging gives us a lot of idea what to write. Even just a simple topic can improve our writing. The more we write, more ideas will flow naturally in our head. That's right. Thinking about the idea first would be frustrating sometimes, write is straight away what comes in your mind and edit it later. 

When the idea comes too many in mind and no single words written then too many words will stuck and then lost somewhere and comes with a new idea again. And that will over and over again until finally we stuck with just too many ideas.

Log in to your blog, write whatever comes to your mind today, let it go. If you're not sure to publish it just put it in a draft. Comeback again later or tomorrow, see how you like your own writing. Fresh feelings sometime helps to write without thinking. 

Don't think what we want to write. It's a part of practice. But remember to save in a draft to make sure you satisfied with the writing.

Ok, I'm not a writer myself but I think this might help you. No one born to become a good writer, all good writers start with a practice. So let's practice! 

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