Dear You,

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Dear You,

I find it hard to start this as I don't know what do I need to you or what do I need to explain to you. I know you don't need an explanation because you would say: "For what? I already forgot that." But before I start this I read again your letters that I kept for many years, 17 years perhaps?  I read one by one of your letters, all your writings written very tidy, so poetic just like a Shakespeare. You might be not believe that I still keep your letters, don't you? 

Oh yeah, you asked me the other day: "Why do you still keep my letters?". I didn't really give you honest answer because I knew it wasn't a good idea. After finished reading your letters, I keep still sit here holding your letters. While holding your letters something from the past is coming back and forward in my head ...

I wasn't really good at explaining my own feelings before. Well, now still. Meanwhile you're now more mature (you always more mature even before). Your thinking is always realistic so no wondering if you said in one of your letters "I don't want this relationship over and over again". 

That's it. 

You sang one of songs that you wrote in one of your letters at the school firewall party, "Till Death Do Us Part" that you sang sounds like really a good bye message for me. You didn't know that I stood close to the stage and just listening your singing like a statue, did you?

Now, if I can ask you something I would ask this question to you: "What did you expect from a young girl to response a serious relationship?"

If the time can go back again and I was more mature then I would say to you: "I do love you" but you were gone and you didn't even ask how my feeling was to you. Instead, you brought someone to my house, perhaps to hurt me? 

You said I was successly hurting you but the one who actually hurt it was me. You didn't actually let me go because I was still there waiting and hoping that your letter would come again. But none arrived. 

However, you look happy now and I'm happy for that. 

With love,


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