Facebook Status Competition: Life Is Beautiful

Sunday, June 30, 2013 Jo Hanniffy 4 Comments

Hello there,
I'm back again here with higher spirit! Today, I make promise to myself to at least writing on my blog twice a week on this and I'll figure out how to update my another blogs. Meanwhile, I'm still waiting Cebong Ipiet to finish the template, well it's almost done but I guess she might be very busy to finish it quickly.

While I'm busy 'working' to help people life, I'm joining a competition as a juror. Yep, a juror! Winny Widyawati, the founder of this competition, was first inspired from Facebook. Based on her years experience of Facebook user, she got the idea to encourage people write more motivate words on their Facebook status.

When Rini Judhanto, one of the sponsors of this competition, contacted me offering to be a juror for this competition and I agreed straight away to take the 'job'!

The regulations are piece of cake, and this competition is open for public. All what the participants 
need is posting their best status on their Facebook and then tag it to the all jurors (including me!). 

Isn't it that easy?

So if you are interested then write your best status and see if you can impress the jurrors. I'll see you there!

Jkt, 10.39-300613


  1. wow good point, because some people using facebook for hmm praying, complaining etc hehe

  2. Wah, baru liat ini Jo, udh telat ya klo mau ikutan.. :)

  3. kunjungan perdana, salam persahabatan


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