Just Like An Old Friend

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

Have you ever met a stranger but you feel like she's an old friend from high school? I think people rarely have this experience unless they connect to each other in certain things, like they have the same hobby.

However, I have experience like this few times - meet a stranger but feel like an old friend - in Thailand, that was really completely strangers, I mean we came from totally different backgrounds, language, culture and country but yet we get along very easily, in fact we were like old friends from school.

Today, I was seeing a virtual friend who I know from Effortless English Club just few weeks ago. She contacted me from VIP forum and eventually she's from Indonesia.

Effortless English Club has a few members from Indonesia and even so they're not really active in the forum so I'm so excited every time I see a new member from Indonesia. 

Gaybie, who is known live in the same city with me, has joined the VIP about nearly two months ago. We arranged a meeting to meet today in Senayan City at 1 pm. 

Gaybie is a beautiful 29 years old young woman even looks more beautiful than on her photo. She has a long brown hair and fresh and healthy skins. A very nice woman indeed, simply but full thought about a life which I think very mature at her age. 

Three hours talking with her was just like few minutes, I didn't feel want to finish the chatting as she was just too smart to keep the conversation going and interesting. I didn't feel like she was a stranger to me, in fact we're like sisters who haven't met for long time.

At 5.30 pm we had to end. 

We have planned a big event on our first meeting. It might strange for other people but we get along just like an old friend.

Jkt, 22.31-180613


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