Learning Language Is Like Falling In Love

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Below is such a great and inspiring speech from Steve Kaufmann, for those who want to master a language, you should read his speech below. I re-post this worth blog post from a friend of mine in Effortless English, Baerbel, who just posted it today. Happy reading!

"Language learning is like falling in love. In fact you have to be in love to learn a language well. I mean in love with the language. You have to have a love affair with the language. You do not have to marry the language. You can have an affair and then move on to another language after a period of time. But while you are learning the language you have to be in love with it. And you will learn faster if you are faithful to the language you while you are studying it.

Just as when you are in love, you want to and need to spend as much time as possible with the object of your love. You want to hear its voice and read its thoughts. You want to learn more about it, the many words and phrases that it uses to express itself. You think of the language whereever you are. You start to observe the object of your love closely. You notice all the little things it does, you become familiar with its peculiar behavior patterns. You breath it. You hear its voice. You feel it. You get to know it better and better, naturally.

Loving a language is one-sided love affair. You love the language. It does not love you back. But the good thing is that it is not jealous of you, of your other previous love affairs. It really does not care if you carry on another love affair at the same time. But, as with people, doing so can create problems ... The language does not criticize you. You can use it however you want, as long as you enjoy it.

You are not jealous of other people who love the language you love. In fact you like to meet people who love the language you love it. It is a lot less bothersome to love language than to love a person, Because the love of the language is its own reward. You do not care what the language thinks of you. You are enjoying your affair with the language and do not expect anything in return. As long as you have that relationship, you will learn and improve in the language". 

So have you in love with the language you learn?

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