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Sunday, June 16, 2013 Jo Hanniffy 2 Comments

Hey, it's me again. It's been long time I haven't updated my blog specially since we moved to the new apartment and another reason is because of the signal is so bad here :(, we don't get a phone line so we can't get the line wireless for the internet. 

The new apartment is okay, I mean it's not bad neither really good. Hubby doesn't really the environment so we might move to another apartment again later. A lot of things need to be adapted by hubby but he seems better to adapt with the city compare to me. Very strange to find myself struggling adapting my home town though.

I'm still waiting my blog to be slightly renovated by Cebong Ipit - I need to fresh my blog look so that encourage me from writing :). 

And I have a good news, the founder of Effortless English Club, AJ Hoge, he is coming to Jakarta! Yeay! AJ Hoge and his team plan to come to Jakarta this year, I still haven't got the exact date but it's about in November. 

I'm very excited to organize this event, I plan to make a team with another Effortless English members from Indonesia, specially Jakarta. So my friends, if you are from Indonesia and you're a member of Effortless English Club and you want to participate on this event then then please don't hesitate to contact me by email at or leave a comment below. 

Be back soon!

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  1. Hi Sri,

    I'm Julia from Italy, we met on the VIP forum and I'm really proud you accepted me as a friend!

    I really admire you for many reasons: this blog, which is great, your cheerfulness and vitality, your way to be courageous and outstanding! Really a model to imitate after all!

    Thank you for writing this post informing us of your recent adventures!
    It's nice to read from you, so we can stay updated with your current life!

    And SUPER THANK YOU for the great great news about "the best English teacher in the world": AJ Hoge of

    I recently met him in Barcelona, and I know you have already met him in person... you can't imagine how many times I watched your photos where you and AJ where at the same table, thinking "How lucky Sri is to stay there in front of AJ in person! Talking to him... listening to him..."

    And now he's coming to Jakarta!!! WOW!!! So great party!!! Enjoy yourselves, lucky friends and take lots of pictures to put on the blog and show us!

    OK my dear friend Sri, thank you for writing your really nice blog!

    Good luck with your house and your Internet connection.

    A big HUG!

  2. Semangat jeng sri...:D bulan juni dah mau abiss nih..


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