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Friday, June 21, 2013 Unknown 0 Comments

Wow! That's what I feel right now. Since two days ago I've been amazed by people tweets that appear on my twitter timeline. 

Happened two days ago when I tweeted about volunteer. Many enough people in Indonesia applying to be a volunteer but nothing really great about it. I mean, they're not really supported by their local or central government, never mind celebrity or executive people. 

I concern about how volunteer in Indonesia is not really effective in its program while so many people actually need it. When I was in Ireland, I was very encouraged to be a volunteer by the people and my environment. I gave my knowledge and skills to the people who need it. It was a great feeling to be able  to help people specially if it useful for them and they use it in their daily life.

The other day, I was surprised my tweet was re-tweet by Alan Carr. He's known as a famous comedian in UK, I and my hubby watched his program a lot when we were in Ireland. I checked his tweet account and find his campaign for volunteer. 

We should have more people -specially the famous ones- to do good campaigns that worthy for the people life.

I'd like to see that, Indonesian tweeters, to spread more important messages to the world on their timeline. 

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