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Wednesday, September 18, 2013 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

Uh long time this blog hasn't up dated, I yearly miss writing on my blog. So many things happen in life and with that all stories happen in my life and surroundings, I have realized that the time pass so fast.

First thing I want to share is a great news from my young fellow friend - he got married! The very shocking news I got from him first week of this month as we didn't caugh up for very long time. Well, what I can say - of course I'm so happy to hear this news - congratulation for Jo and Inul! Although I didn't get chance to come on their wedding day I wish their happy marriage for the rest of their life (amen). 

Secondly, after careful consideration about getting a job in  Jakarta I finally decide to join Prudential.  As a mom and wife I surely still want to be active physically and mentally, so being a profesional insurance agent is not too bad to suit my status as Mom and Wife. 

In fact, I've been given so many trainings that not just valuable for my job but also as a person - Hallejujah! 

Thirdly, we're going to move soon! Again? Yeah, this time is proper place to live at! Apartment is not really suitable specially if we want to have pet, that's another reason. The main reason is I don't really like living in apartment.

Lastly, my son is officially move to new school and he's happy with the new school (well, hopefully!).

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