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We have finally found somebody to help us with the house, well I meant I've finally found her to help me with the house. We call her Pur. She works three times a week from 7 am to 5 pm. Sometimes she starts the job early and go home early or vice versa. I have nothing to complain about her - not yet, she seems diligent and very tidy with her job. I'm very happy to have her in my house.

Normally maids in Indonesia  work everyday and if they're lucky they get day off from their boss or often they call masters; 'Ibu' or 'Nyonya' is very common call for the lady boss. But this what usually happens here if they stay in their masters house, the maids work everyday all day and till late and without day off. 

Pur comes only three times a week because her mainly job is washing and ironing. She's also doing the cleaning (and I help her when I'm home) and helping me cooking. Very often she's finished the job very early. Not because we can't afford to pay her  (she got much more paid than other maids usually got) but mainly because she doesn't really have a job if she comes everyday.

Since married I don't really have experience having a maid in the house so having someone to help me with the house is something I really appreciate it. Pur has been working as a maid since she's finished her secondary school, so she's an experience house maid. And she told me a surprise story how the maid usually threaten by their masters.

The maid generally have their foods different from the master; they call the maid with a bell; the maid must be ready whenever the master needs them (even just having a simple meal); the maid have different chair from the master and not allowed to seat in their chair, and so on.

On the first day of interview, I sat on the dining chair and without realising what she was doing, Pur was lowering her body and bending her knees, I asked her what she was doing  and she explained that it was generally normal for the maid to sit on the floor when the master sitting on the chair. Well, I told her doesn't work that way in my house and we have enough chairs for people (even a pet) to sit on the chair!

In her 20 something and with status married, Pur is not the only a young Indonesian woman who is living in a big city like Jakarta working as a house maid. There is a lot of young women and even women in their middle age of fourty are still willing to earn money as a house maid in Jakarta. Surprisingly, some of these women have kids who success in their career, which is unusual in Indonesia to let the parents (Mom specially) work, specially as a maid. Seeing that Indonesian government still has lack in the social welfare for the people so it's the children's responsibility to keep look after the parents. In fact, some parents still need to earn some money to keep their life going. 

Usually I met a maid with common mindset or attitude about life, is marriage and having kids but Pur is different. She had a dream to go to Nurse School but the her parents lack in financial burnt her dream, she has to married instead with the man that her parents already chose for her. 

While I feel sorry for her life, she still grateful for her life because at least her husband love her and taking care of her. 

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  1. akhirnya commentnya dibuka juga.
    sekarang udah susah nyari ART say, mintanya banyak banget, kaya mereka yang jadi bossnya dan akhirnya males pake ART. Butuh ga butuh. abisan banyakan ngelunjaknya.

    tapi gua juga bukan macem majikan yang membeda2akan ART dan kita. ya kita makan dengan menu yang sama dengan cara yang sama.


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