Hey Ya!

Sunday, February 09, 2014 Unknown 1 Comments

Whoaammmm, I'm back, I'm back! I finally can turn my finger again to my iPad and writing on my blog. Where am being up to?

Here is the summary story of what happened during my absences.

1. Flooding!
Nothing to do with not updating my blog but everybody on the earth of Indonesia get the effect. I don't blame the weather thoug.

2. New year resolution
Seriously? Yup, I'm kinda busy with my new year resolution list. This nothing to do with the gym but .... Should I share here?

3. The little puppy!
Busy with this one! Junior was taken when he was 2 months, he's now about going to 5 months. Training him is not easy, I need to be more patient dealing with this little terrorist!

Doesn't he photogenic?
So cute when he's sleeping.

4. Meeting a blogger
This one is special. Met him few weeks ago in late January. Have known him since 2009 from blogging activity but just a chance to meet this year. He's funny as he's online! Oh by the way, he came long way from Kalimantan.

And that's all for  tonight :D.


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