How To Stop The Auto Follow On Your Twitter

Saturday, March 08, 2014 Unknown 1 Comments

For almost a week I got a very annoying thing on my twitter account. My twitter suddenly has the auto follow. The people I follow jump to almost a hundred of people everyday.

I use some of applicants that allow to access my twitter account but that since long time ago and I got this problem just recently.

I try to turn off all the access applicants to my twitter account but nothing happens.

Security setting 
I got some sources from the internet about my twitter problems but none works. Finally, I go check to my security setting and turn on the twitter privacy then I change my password, and yeah it works!

I don't know why it works but my assumption is probably the access applicants. Maybe, I'm not sure. But I guess it's not really safe to have applicants that can multi access your account.

Jkt, 17.50-080314

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  1. Hooh, penyebab awalnya dari penggunaan multiple acces. Segera revoke & change password.


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