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I miss writing about learning English in Effortless English Club. It's been very long time I haven't written this topic, so here I am.

I ain't gonna talk about the learning but the code we have in VIP forum, the code that we must use every time we're in the VIP forum and why we must use this code.

It's a unique code of learning English online, and I think the code is more for the personal growth than just learning English.

Our code

1. We do the best we can
This is the reason why we bought AJ's lessons because he has a unique method of learning English. We use his method, we got monthly bonus lesson, and yet we got a chance to talk with AJ through a weekly webinar!

All members are recommended to listen to AJ's lessons everyday but we can also combine with other sources of learning English. So far, I don't combine yet but I find some interesting learning English on the internet from my friend on VIP forum, Baerbel.

Whatever we do to develop our English, we try to do it with fun. No pressure or stress.

And, it's one hundred percent learning English online.

2. We do the right thing

In the VIP forum, we don't have English levels. All members are together to learn English, no matter what their English levels are.

We don't think we're superior than those who aren't really good at English. We welcome all the new members.

We do gathering in many countries to get to know our friends closer. We show ourselves as real
people. AJ visit us in Europe, Asia, Japan, anywhere. We are a big family and unlimited.

3. We show people we care

AJ and all members will help you if you don't feel confident to learn English. You'll be welcomed by warmth people from different backgrounds and countries.

You won't feel like you learn English because these people will make your learning English just like learning a normal subject. You feel like you are part of them for very long time.

I met some of the Effortless English Club when I was in Europe, they were really nice people. I wanna meet them again if I have a chance!

Since I join Effortless English Club I have learnt a lot of things from many members. Baerbel is one of the examples. She's really inspiring woman.

Thank you for all VIP members, you're rock!


  1. englishku masih kacau balau :(

    udah lama gak kesinii..... ^.^

  2. hope you can met them again jeng :D


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