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Tuesday, June 24, 2014 Jo Hanniffy 1 Comments

I went to the writing workshop on Saturday June 21, last week, established by Harian Republika that located across Pejaten Village Mall. Decided to go to this event because of the sources were accredited, most of them were senior editor from Republika. Together with  Bunda Yati, we registered the event with Mr Natsir, and was confirmed by text a day before the event.

We were very excited going to this event, I woke up at 7am and left the house at 8am to pick Bunda Yati who was waiting in Pasar Jum'at. We were on time when leaving Pasar Jum'at, exactly what we had planned, and arrived at Republika office early enough. Because we were early enough and nobody came yet, we went to Pejaten Village to have some coffee, and guess what? even the Mall was not opened yet. We were finally had to wait till they opened.

The workshop launch was finally opened about 10am, most participants were much younger than us, Bunda Yati was the most senior one among of us. I was very proud to sit beside her.

(from left) I, Mbak Haya, and Bunda Yati

As I'm a beginner I find the workshop is very useful, I admit that writing is very difficult especially if we don't practice everyday. Mr Natsir, the author of many good books as well as a journalist said: "Try to write your daily life, everyday".

Next training given by a senior editor about How To Send Our Writing To Publisher. If we think we have a potential to be a writer and have an idea for writing a book the next step is  looking for the information about the publisher. "This is crucial before sending it to the publisher" said the senior editor of Republika, Muh Iqbal Sentosa.

The workshop ended by giving books to the best questioners, our friend, Mbak Haya, won for "Bidadari-Bidadari Surga" as the most best questioner among others. I'm waiting for the GiveAway, anyway.

The bottom line is practice is necessary if we want to become a writer. Writing is a challenge but perhaps it much easier if we write what we feel, see and think. Just I agreed with Mr Natsir said: "Write what we know".

Jkt, 24 June 2014

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  1. lama tidak berkunjung kemari, bagaimana kabarnya teman, sehat kan ?


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