Five Reasons Why I Shop With Zalora Indonesia :D

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Not all shopping online in Indonesia is to be trusted, I have finally found a few online shops that can be trusted and remove my worries about being scammed when online shopping. I know some of the online shops out there, and not just in Indonesia, that behave in a fraudulent way with their customers and that's why I'm more careful now about buying online through the internet.

ZI gave a good impression with my first purchase - something that I very rarely find in Indonesia, and here's why I keep ordering my favorite stuff from them!

1. Safe shopping (Which is a must!)
This is one of the main reasons why we're concerned about shopping online: safety. Why do I say this? Because any personal details we give must be stored and used safely by professional people. Have you ever experienced online shopping in any regions in Indonesia where we can order just by SMS and then the items never arrive? And yet we've already paid for it? Well, I have!

2. Great stuff (You're gonna love it ....)
My favorite items are handbags and dresses! ZI also offer great brands like Mango and Nine West. I often go for Mango, as all the designs from Mango usually make me look younger! Well, at least that what I think, haha!

3. Reasonable price (Oh yeahhhhhhh!)
I love a reasonable price that adjusts to my wallet. I just can't tolerate the price of a dress or handbag if its up to five million or even higher, no matter how good the brand or the quality is, but I want a price that won't leave my wallet empty afterwards! 

4. Good method of payment (Smart way for shopping!)
Many people worry about giving their personal details and ZI gives their customers many payment options. The first time that I ever shopped online with them I could pay cash when it was delivered! That gave me more confidence to pay online later when I knew that ZI was a reputable company with good quality products.

5. Very good service and items (This is what we want too!!!)
The items always arrive on time and safely. It looks exactly like it did online and what I love most is they always fit on me so I don't need to return it! The other very good thing is they let us return the item with their terms and conditions, including a pre-addressed envelope with the item in case you need to return it!

6. Sale! (Oh yeah!!!)
Ladies, never miss this! I like keeping my favorite items on the wishlist of my ZI account dashboard so when it comes for the sale time I check my wishlist first to know if it has a big sale discount!

Well, well what I can say more about ZI? I think I have a lot of things to write but I have enough for now as I will continue to review about my experience and stuff from ZI!


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