Why I'm an English Blog (again)

Monday, November 17, 2014 Jo Hanniffy 8 Comments

Some of my blog readers sent me emails asking why I changed my blog into bahasa. Well I have some reasons why I did this: 
Firstly, because I'm currently in Indonesia and some Indonesian bloggers would prefer to read a Bahasa blog.
Secondly, I want to get job reviews from Indonesian companies but unfortunately the rate offered doesn't make me happy so I decided to go back to English. 

Anyway, I prefer to write in English for practicing. Besides, I have more ideas when writing in English and I feel much more expressive than when writing in Bahasa. 


Because I don't like reading my own writing in Bahasa anyway. My writing looks fake and full of forms - can you see that? I don't see the expression from the writing at all. The writer's expression should be obvious to the readers through the bloggers writing style.

I'm just too aware of everything when writing in Bahasa! Its just exactly the same feeling as the first time writing English on my blog!

So here I go, I'm baaaaaack! 

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  1. Bahasa inggris e njenengan gampang dipahami kok mbak, so, it's OK.

    1. Hey Tri,
      Seneng dengernya bisa dipahami Dengan mudah 😀

  2. hi mbaaa...cheers to blogging in English :)..I love Bahasa indonesia of course, but blogging in English is fun, too...

    1. Hi Mbak Indah,
      Thank you for dropping by. So good to see you here :D

  3. selamat menjadi diri sendiri JS :D. meski aku g bisa inggris, tapi ngerti intinya :v...

    btw apa kbrnyaa...

    1. Hi HUsnul,
      Senengnya liat kamu lagi :D. Gimana kabarnya, Joe, n babynya? Minta nmrmu n Joe ya.


  4. nice to meet you all guys ..please visit me back..

  5. Yang buat mba nyaman aja.. dan saya paham bacanya kok mba.. cara mba nyampein dalam inggris cukup mudah buat dimengerti... :)


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