4 Types of Losing Weight Pills That Don't Work

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So this my continuation about MY OWN EXPERIENCE taking different losing weight pills. Most of the pills were bought through internet. I wasn't a type of person who believe kind of this thing, not from the internet specially. Before I was too afraid of buying anything involve foods or medicine from the internet, but I lost hoping to lose weight that time so I ignore the consequences of the negative side effects that I knew for very long.

Everyone has different reaction on their body so I write this based on my own experience to lose weight.

1. Meizitang Botanical Slimming
I bought this from the Indonesian online shop. I consulted first with the owner of the website, she said NO SIDE EFFECTS and SAFE. So I believed her. I ordered one pack of Meizitang Botanical Slimming from this online shop price Rp 250K.

I read carefully the information before taking it (most of losing weight pills should taken before meals). I took it with a glass of warmth water before taking breakfast, and after half hour I feel the reaction on my body.

My heart beat faster than usual, I had nausea, dry on my mouth and throat . I thought because it was first day that's why I got these reactions. The next few days until a week I still got these reactions ( I eat normally three times and take one pill/day), so I stop taking it after a week - my weight still the same. I swam one or twice a week.

2. Herbal Pills from my doctor
My doctor from beauty clinic offer me two options of herbal pills. One is liquid that can be put under your tongue and it helps to reduce my hunger price Rp 1Million, and the second one pills that can also reduce my hunger and this one much cheaper price Rp 250K. I chose the latter.

There was no name on the pack as the doctor put it on a small plastic bag, the color of the pill is white and blue.

No reactions at all when I took the pill on my first day and I still feel the hunger. I continue up to a week but no result. I didn't do exercise - well, just a very short walking and not everyday.

I took the pills together with the slim injection with the same doctor that gave me the pills. I lost some grams of weight but I guess that because I had diet not from the injection or the pills. I ate only a lot of vegetable during the day, and eat very small portion of dinner. This wasn't from the pills that it said can reduce my hunger but because I have force myself to do the diet.

3. SlimShape Herbal
I got this information from twitter, price Rp 250K. I searched for the information about this diet pills, and again it brought me to a promising website with many testimony from successful people taking this pill. I was tempted.

I ordered a  bottle of this losing weight pill. On my first day taking this pill, I already didn't like it. My chase felt sore, like something sharp congregate on my chest and this pain come and go all day till I went to bed. I survived only three days taking this pill.

4. Hydroxycut Hardcore,
This pill seemed very promising as I saw it on the gym. I thought I wouldn't take any losing weight anymore after the previous pills but yet I still didn't lose hope. I thought this would help quicker to lose my weight as I do my exercise properly now but I was wrong.

I took this pill around two pm before my lunch. After an hour I could feel these reactions: dizzy, nausea and heart beat faster. I had my lunch straight away. I felt like I want to move, do something. My energy suddenly came from now where and hubby saw me wondering.

the second day, I took it before going to the gym and have a small breakfast. After half hour doing the Zumba class, I felt dizzy and feel want to threw up so I didn't wait any longer. It said it contains 1500mg caffeine so I bet that dozens of caffeine weren't suitable on my stomach.

My Zumba trainer told me should not take this pill as this pill already forbidden for sale. I was shocked. And stop it right away.

Just for your information, I took those four type of different losing weight pills in different of times and they all didn't work.

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