Drinks That Help Your PMS Symptoms

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The PMS symptoms usually attack before or right on the first day and the attacks are different in every woman's body. Very rarely women like in this monthly situation, I have to say it's an annoying day. So often I have to stay home and do nothing for one or two days when that bad day comes/ Basically, most women would feel moody due to the hormones change in their body.

Since age 35 I try to track my period symptoms so that I can prepare what to do when that symptoms attack. But even so I can't still predict what it will look like: sometimes moody, happy, energetic, etc - I feel like just a roller coaster!

However, since I can't predict my physic and mental on the day it attacks I do things that might help me to be more relaxing. One of those things are drinking. Here what I drink during my period symptoms and they help me a lot:

1. Mineral water
Try this cheap drink. I take a big glass of water every one or two hours. I feel the different on my body when I drink a lot of water and when I don't. Feeling fresh and have more energy. I always put a bottle of mineral water on my bag whenever I go, I even always put one or two bottles in my car.

2. Green tea/Herbal tea
Put this green tea on your shopping list. Green tea has been proven to give more energy while you diet. I try to discipline myself to take a cup of green tea instead of coffee, well I take a cup of coffee tea only if I really want to. You can change any herbal tea for your preference.

3. Kiranti
Since very young girl I was thought by mom to drink anything that contains herbals, specially when we have period. Herbal drink is very good for woman's body according to my mom. I think most women in Indonesia been taught like this as well. I drink herbal drink since I was very young girl. And when I got my period mom always made me herbal drink from turmeric and tamarind. This way of old method is no longer used by people today as this drink now is very easy to find. Like for example is Kiranti.

Kiranti is Indonesian herbal drink. It is very easy to find in any supermarket in Indonesia. Cost only about Rp 2000/bottle. I always have a package bottle of Kiranti in the fridge. Takes three days before, during,  and after period. This should make your V feel clean and fresh during the period, specially after the end of the period. I take three days in a row after my period finish.

So do you have any drinks or foods that can help your period symptoms? Please share here, would be nice for other women to know as well :D.


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