Easy Steps To Lose Weight In Natural Way

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Only if you stick with the commitment you make that everything you want to do is easy. Before I share my story of losing weight I have to make another confession about one thing that I used to Slim Hot Cream from Thailand price 10 Bath before. 

It was very hot cream, I don't remember exactly the name. I'm not really convinced if that hot cream that helps me to lose weight but here what I did when I lost 10 kg in 7 months.

1. No dinner
I always skipped my dinner for 7 months. Only eat fruit before 6 pm and went to bed early. Drink water two hours before going to sleep. 
2. Big breakfast
Because my stomach was empty for almost 13 hours that made me starving when I got up in the morning. I had my big breakfast at 8.30 am. I had two portion of rice with a lot of vegetables and hot tea in the morning. After shower in the morning I applied the hot cream around my hip, belly and arms. I would make sure the air conditioner was on as the cream was extremely hot after two minutes.

3. Lunch with vegetables ONLY
I had my lunch at 1 pm. No rice at lunch for me as I had more than enough for carbohydrate in the morning so I ate only a lot of tasty vegetables. Usually I took raw vegetables with curry for the dressing. 

4. Exercise 
I took easy exercise, aerobic. An hour before exercise I took one or two bananas and drink a lo of water. I went to exercise at 4 pm for an hour. 

After exercise I didn't have big meal, just drinking a lot of water. It wasn't really hungry after exercise when our body use to doing the exercise everyday (I heard my girlfriends always hungry after exercise).

The slim hot cream might involved in reducing the fat but I believe that what I ate was much helping to reduce the fat and of course the exercise too.It wasn't short cut of ways to lose my weight but yeah I felt much healthier and no negative side effects most importantly!

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