Exercises That Can Be Done At Home

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Raining season this month is worst than we have ever had before, flood everywhere, and thank God the place where we live is safe from flooding but not the area near us. Even hubby has to go work with daily clothes and bring his work stuff in his bag - he takes Ojek to avoid the traffic in Jakarta specially raining season like this.

Anyway, I'm kind of reluctant to go the gym as the place is flooded area but I really need exercise. So I exercise at home with all the falicity we have in the house. We don't have any tools gym at home so I do basic exercise like below:

Run on the stairs
This was actually my hubby's idea. The hòuse has two floors and I take small run on the stair for each ten up and down the stairs in the morning or evening. When I was in the mood I would do it twice a day. On the first attempt I just do slow step and do five for each up and down. After my heart and breathing can get use to it then I increase the level - my heart beat too fast if I do too much at the beginning. 

This exercise is really good, help my heart is working and at least I don't get the absent from the exercise. 

Push Up
I don't actually like this kind of exercise but I have to deal to do this to help reducing fat on my arms area. It's tough enough when you just start but after while you'll get use to pull up the weight of your body. 

I do push up everyday whenever I have time to do it - usually when I watch TV for hours - I try to do push up in between these hours. But I like to do it in the morning.

Sit Up
If push up is not the type of exercise that I'm fancy of then sit up is just the opposite. I like do the sit up. I think it is much easier for me to do the sit up than the push up. I can do sit up 30 up to 50 sit in one go! But I don't really too much as I have lower pain back. 

Play with my dog
This is the advantage of having dog! Aside from exercising my dog I can also have my exercise at the same time. My dog like out door activity - just like other dogs - and he's very active dog. He likes playing a lot. 

My dog favorite play is throw ball so I use this for both of  us to exercise. It's good to keep it my heart in good rate. 

Cleaning the house?
yeah why not! Moving your body is to keep you active and it can be called as exercise too! Although we already have Pur to help me with the house I still do sometime to help her - so we help each other!

So there are many activities at home that we can use as our exercise. When living in the city like Jakarta, I so often make traffic or the weather as excuses not to go to the gym but not anymore!


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