Healthy Breakfast For Losing Weight

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I think first important thing that everyone need to lose weight is a courage. This is crucial for what next to do. When we have courage to lose weight, we know why we have do it, and then we make a commitment to do it. I know it seems easy on the theory as very often on the reality is hard to keep doing it.

I write on my agenda to track what I eat everyday. When I remember and diligent, I'll up date it most everyday, but you know sometime our excitement come and go, so ...

However, I won't leave too long not to update my agenda because when it happens then I will lose my motivation. So here one of my another motivation to keep me on the track, writing about healthy breakfast to help to lose my weight. I have tried all these breakfast so you cant try at home and who knows if you like it?

Cereal is not really Indonesian breakfast but it's not too bad food either. In fact, it's healthier than eating a portion of fried rice. I like to add my cereal with my favourite fruits, strawberry or avocado. Not too fancy putting too much milk. Cereal can't make you full, it's just very light breakfast but it can give you enough energy at least until two hours. When I add avocado usually it can stay longer until lunch time. 

Porridge rice is good but there is something better than just porridge rice, it's oat. To be honest, I didn't like so much the taste of oat porridge even I've tried many times. But one morning, I make oats porridge from Quacker that my got from near supermarket and mix it with honey as well as avocado, but this time I put more milk than when I eat cereal. The result is not too bad, I like it. 

As well as it light breakfast it doesn't make me too hungry until lunch time. I will highly recommend this second choice of breakfast. Mix with any fruits you like, enjoy the taste of it!

English breakfast
Full English breakfast can make you very full, so if you're on diet take only small portion  like two piece of toasts with one egg and maybe some tomatoes. If I have breakfast over then o'clock I might have full English breakfast that can stay until four o'clock in the evening.

My very simple breakfast is taking one or two bananas, or an apple with a glass of juice. That is only if I'm in rush morning.

So what's your favorite healthy breakfast?


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