I Don't Believe In Diet Pills Or Losing Weight Pills

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Ok, this is my first post in 2015, I know I've been a bold blogger for the past few months for not posting anything on my blog. So here I am now.

So what have I been doing recently? A lot! one of them is going to the gym and doing my diet. Since I stop exercise three years ago my weight gain rapidly and not so attractive to see the fat around  my hip (which I didn't have it three years ago!) so I decided to DO SOMETHING.

Before going to the gym I've tried so many diet pills to lose my weight but none of them works! I even did the slimming injection for several times, and still didn't work! The funny thing is I knew that it wouldn't work but yet I still did it!

Though deep in my heart I knew it wouldn't work I had a hope that I lose weight. I took few times expensive diet pills that I bought from the internet. Most of them give me different reaction of side-effects. I took only two or three pills and then stop taking it as I feel bad about my body after taking it it.

I took few times of slimming injections as well and did my diet and still no result, so I stop after almost two or three months.

Now, I'm focusing on exercise an continue on my diet for my losing weight program, and I stop all the diet pills. For your information, my weight is now 59 kg and I've been doing the gym for nearly two months.

I'll continue to post about my diet program on next post.

By for now.

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