The Commitment To Lose Weight

Thursday, February 12, 2015 Unknown 0 Comments

After trying several short cut of ways to lose weight and no succeed I'm now focusing to do it in natural ways: exercise and diet. I did this long time ago (in 2006 my weight was 57 kg), and lost almost 10 kg in 7 months that time. I know it looks so long but this way is much better and healthier.

I believe I can still do it, specially after those unsuccessful trying to lose weight I have more confidence to do it in 'old fashion'. Even maybe later I might find some difficulties to keep it on the track. To keep me motivate I'm gonna have a journal on this blog about my losing weight journey.

So feel free if any of you want to join me on this lose weight program, let's motivating each other. I just  can't keep this weight for long and even worst than now if I don't do something. It's not just about losing weight but also health concerns.

Yeah, that's right. I concern about my health. Since moving to Indonesia, I'm lazier to exercise and eat food that contains so much fat e.g. coconut milk, sugar, sausage chili and tomato, etc. The funny thing is many restaurants in Indonesia add just little vegetables on the meal, so I prefer to cook home now than dine out. I know I can't really blame the city where I live now, it's my own responsibility to look after my health and my family's healthy.

To encourage me to lose weight I will be back with my old story about losing weight 10 kg in 7 months.

By for now.

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