Two Ways of Losing Weight You Should Avoid

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On my last post about I Don't Believe In Diet Pills or Losing Weight Pills I make a confession what I did to lose my weight but none of them works. So based on my own experience I want to share with you about my lose weight experience when taking these ''absurd' ways.

These ways you shouldn't do and why:

1. You shouldn't take Losing weight pills
I took several different losing weight pills but not in one go. Usually I took it for three days up to two weeks and wait for the reactions from my body. My first losing weight pills I bought from Indonesian online shop. I have taken more than four type of different losing weight pills. I stop taking it those pills because:
- Nausea
- Threw up
- Insomnia
- Diarrhea
- Eat little
- My heart beat faster than usual,
- Thirsty all the time
- Feel like I'm going to faint
- More energy but feeling uncomfortable

Most of those pills giving different reactions after taking it but mostly uncomfortable reactions on my body. I lose hundred grams up to a kilo gram but that from not eating properly - too much drinking water make me feel full but I think this is not good for your kidney to work properly in your body.

2. You shouldn't take Slimming Injection
In Indonesia, many young girls and women taking this short cut of way to lose their weight, and I wan one of them! I went to beauty clinic that provide the slim program. I took the cheapest one - in level of the other clients in that clinic that program is the cheapest one. So I took the slim injection or well know in Jakarta as 'Suntik Kurus'.

I did it up to two or three months - I can't really remember how many months exactly but I guess long enough. Thinking that it was going to successful I did it once a week. Per injection was about Rp 400K ($35). After a month of trying I came to the doctor for consultation - specifically asking why still no result. The doctor checked my case, and then asking my life style.

According to my friends who have experience taking injection I don't need exercise and no forbidden to eat all foods. Very tempting so that's why I tried it.

So I start to watch my diet and only small exercise (remember, I just want a short cut way!) when the doctor find that I didn't do my diet and exercise (which she didn't say anything from beginning).

Three months of trying on slimming injection but no success. So I stop. What did I get from injection instead:
- Nausea
- Dizzy
- Bruise on my body that takes a week up to two weeks

These two ways  DID NOT work at all, they gave me negative side effects instead on my body.

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