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Hello there,
Long time I haven't posted about Indonesian dishes. These foods that I'm gonna post are not really part of my diet but I eat sometime as a reward for myself.

So do you have any kind of favorite foods from Indonesia? I'm sure you do. I have a list of tasty foods from Indonesia that also many foreigners in Europe also like them. These foods have a lot of spice, make sure you know what in them before you eat it specially when you have allergic with certain spices or foods.

This is most favorite dishes in Indonesia. Very cheap and healthy. When I was in Dublin, this Tempe is like a treasure for all Indonesian who live in Ireland. The Tempe was made in Netherlands, it cost quite expensive compare to the price in Indonesia, one medium of Tempe is 2.50 Euro. So every time Tempe arrives in Asian Supermarket in Dublin, it would only stay for two or three days!
What I know vegetarians in Europe love this Tempe. It is made from bean. In Indonesia Tempe is home made and very less technology e.g. machine involves in the making.

Usually you cook the Tempe before eating it. You can either fried or steam. I like both. You can also add with tasty vegetables you like. In Indonesia - in central Java island specially, they more creative in making Tempe dishes.

Just two words to comment this food: So yummy! Well known from Sumatera but easy to find anywhere in many places in Indonesia where have Padang Restaurant. Rendang is beef cook with coconut milk and some herbal spice e.g. turmeric, pecan, coriander, lemon leaf, etc. Some people like to make Rendang with chicken or even Jengkol (dogfruit).

For foreigners, watch out the spicy from the Rendang especially if you buy it from Padang restaurant, it can be extremely hot for some foreigner. There is an easier way to make Rendang - if you prefer to cook it by yourself and want to avoid the spicy taste - find a package of spice Rendang in any supermarket in Indonesia. Make sure  you choose the good quality one.

Coto Makasar
Coto Makasar is beef soup. Taste very yummy and you can smell the spice from the soup. They don't mix anything on it so just beef in the soup, you can eat with rice if you like to or 'buras' if you prefer. Add some lemon before you eat, it will make the soup taste fresh and tastier.

Gado-gado is one of Indonesian people favorite dishes. It is very easy to made at home and even to find it anywhere, in Indonesian restaurants or food street. Gado-gado contains a lot of vegetables mix with tofu, Tempe, and what makes tastier is it's dressing with peanut sauce. I usually eat without rice as the portion is big enough for my lunch.

Kakap Asam Manis
Snapper or well know in Indonesian as Kakap. Kakap can be made in variety ways of cooking with very tasty spice. Generally Indonesian people would eat in sweet and sour taste, even tastier when you make it in soup or curry.

Ayam Taliwang
I love all Balinese dishes specially this one. Ayam taliwang or chicken Taliwang is healthy food. You can put this dishes on your diet list. Healthy spice and the vegetable are steamed only, while the chicken is grilled.

Karedok is like Gado-gado except the vegetables are all raw. Very healthy and good for your diet but don't put the peanut dressing too much. The Karedok contain of raw vegetables like beansprout, white cabbage, chickpea, and what I love most is the smell of the basil that triggers my appetite!
You can also add the Karedok with Tempe or tofu that already fried if you like. This dishes is suitable for vegetarian.

There still many delicious Indonesian dishes that you can find and you might love them. Just beware for those who can't compromise with the acid or spicy on their stomach, many Indonesian dishes either very spicy, sour or even both. Just make sure you don't eat too much :D.


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