10 Minutes Cooking Fried Rice With SajiKu

Sunday, April 26, 2015 Jo Hanniffy 2 Comments

What could be nice to spend the weekend? Well, my ideas was to have lunch front of the beach, going to Ancol and bringing our dog, Junior. But we decided to do it next time instead as the weather lately is unpredictable!

And our guess was right, it was suddenly raining, just about when we want to leave the house for lunch!
So we paused it again.

When hubby and son were starving, and we did not really have food to cook, well they were in the freeze, I decided to cook the most easy one. And only one thought in my head: Fried rice. 

Maybe because i's very easy so always enjoy exploring when cooking fried rice by adding different ingredients.
So I took out of any foods in the fridge. And here what I got: Broccoli, cucumber, meat ball, bacon, eggs and onions.

Okay, let's start cooking!

1. Two eggs
2. One small bacon
3. Meat ball
4. Onion
5. Broccoli
6. Black pepper, salt

How to cook:
1. Cut these into medium size or your preference: bacon, meat ball, onion, broccoli.
2. Pour oil to the fried and wait until hot and add bacon, meat ball and onion. Stir them for 2 minutes.
3. Add two eggs, don't stir it for at least 1 minute.
4. Add the broccoli and then SajiKu Nasi Goreng Pedas (there is avalaible for non spicy if you don't like the hot of the chilli). Stir them for one minute.
5. Add a portion of rice and then ketchup Banco, or any sweet soya you like. Stir them for two minutes. Ready to eat.
Served for 3 people.

I don't usually use the instant ingredients but I have them in the kitchen for emergency. Often I mix my own home made ingredients with the Sajiku fried rice. Taste is delicous!


  1. Sajiiku emang Praktis dan lumayan enak. Tapi terakhir bikin nasgor , istri bentol2...kayak alergi gitu.

    1. Oh ya? Dicek ke dokter utk tes alergi Prof. Takutnya memang ada alergi sama salah satu bahan kandungan didalam Sajiku.


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