Herbal Drink Kiranti: What You Should Know About Your Period Pain?

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This week has many special day to celebrate, one of them is Kiranti, one very well known herbal drink in Indonesia. On Kiranti's 21th birthday, bloggers were invited to celebrate it together in Balai Kartini Jakarta. I was delighted to attend it as it wasn't just celebrating but also getting knowledge about what women should know about their health.

So I, and the other female bloggers were happy to pay attention seriouly when one of speakers, Doctor Dara gave a lecture about women period - one thing we like most to discuss about that day as so many women asked Doctor Dara about this issue (period).

I ain't gonna discuss about what those experts saying on this blog. One thing I thought after attending Kiranti event was about how important to know about our health, of what's going on inside and outside of our body. For example, a pain when period.

Period and its pain are two things that many women normally get before or on their first day of their period. I myself don't really get the pain on my period. Instead, I feel exhausting and sore on my back, and usually it will go after taking one panadol. In some women panadol did not really work.

However, serious period pain can say anything about our health problems. According to Doctor Dara some pain can cause serious ilness and usually come from (that we think) small problem. What I know from my own experience, I did not pay attention so much a thing on my body, I ignored instead as I thought it was okay and I did check up, then I knew it was something serious enough.

Anyway, do you know how to reduce the pain or even remove it in natural way?
Here are some of tips from experts what you should do when having period:

1. Do exercise regularly
Do you think exercise is nothing to do with pain period? Have you ever thought how important for us, for women's health?
I had a problem with hormone imbalance for a couple of months. Since doctor gave me medicine to make my hormone balance or normal, and also to make my circulation period is regular, I have to take big capsule of hormone everyday. The effect was annoying me, phisically and psychologically. I decided to stop taking the medicine.

Instead, I take regular exercise, and my favorite one is Yoga. I do Yoga for two months and I feel the result: my period become regular, no back pain, the color of period blood is fresh red, no sore or pain on my period. I make my time table Yoga since then.

2. Drink herbal drink
Drink a lot of water is very recommended when you have period. I feel sometimes dizzy when I don't get myself enough water. But instead just water, you can also get herbal drink to support your health and keep you fresh when having period.

When I was younger, my mom used to make me 'Jamu', its famous traditional drink from Java. Jamu is made from some herbs like ginger, tumeric, tamarind, etc. Jamu is for health purpose drink. There is no pharmaceuticals in it. It's one hundred percent herb drink and it should be safe even for kids (as I drank a lot when I was kid to increase my appetite).

Jamu can also be drank for period problems, like pain or sore. Normally for period purpose the ingredients contain tumeric and tamarind. The ingredients are believed to make you fresh during period, reduce the pain or sore, also clean any bactery inside or in V area. That's not all, it can help your bad breath problem.

Luckily, I don't have to do all the works to make herbal drink for my period. Now, Indonesian women have easier way to get it.

Herbal drink Kiranti is made from one hundred percent herbs ingredients. It safe to be consumed for all female or even male. I always have bottles of Kiranti in my fridge. I recommend to drink it to all my friends on their period days. Best to drink during period and three days after period.

3. Hygienic everyday, specially during period
Hygienic is a must for all women. We are the beings that most likely have potential dangerous illnesses, from cervic cancer to breast cancer, you name it.
Experts recommend to change the tampon every two hours in period, and has your V area as clean as possible during period.

4. Go to Doctor ASAP
Better safe than sorry. Many of my friends avoid going to doctor for their health complains. Their reason is too afraid to know the result would be bad.

Say that the result is bad.
What can you do about it? Are you still afraid?
You have time to 'fix' it, right?
No matter how bad the result is we always have time to think what to do next. 

If we don't check at all and when time gets worst then everything is too late. So, go to your doctor. Be brave. Be prepared. Do it for yourself and specially do it for your family.


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