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Sunday, April 05, 2015 Unknown 0 Comments

Another invitation  from community of Emak-Emak Blogger and this time is for beauty products. Yeay! Although long away from where I live but I still decided to come with my loyal friend who also blogger as well, her name is Maria :-).

The trip to the event place took over an hour but it was enjoying trip and even though we were lost. Haha!

But the long trip was all paid when we got there. We finally arrived in a pink building called BEAU shop. Hmm... I could smell the girl things before entering the shop. Haha.

The other bloggers already there when we were up on the second floor including a beauty blogger that I barely know (as we were late so we missed the introduction!).

But, we didn't miss the free voucher to shop! Yeay! Each blogger was given Rp 100K to shop beauty products they like. We were given 15 minutes to shop. And guess, it took me 5 minutes to find what I want!

I bought  two lipsticks and one foundation which less than Rp100K. So after shopping we were given another 10 minutes for  wearing make up that we bought from BEAU shop. And yeah, very easy job for most female bloggers! Hehe.

ready to put on the make up :-) - its not me on the mirror for sure :-)

BEAU shop has package beauty offer as well that I'm sure most girls love it. The package beauty contains of variety of body care such as scrub and body lotion. With this package beauty you can save Rp 20K in your shopping spend. So go get it!

here is the package beauty from BEAU shop

.... then we didn't realise the time had passed so quickly. Nice lunch, two vouchers to shop at BEAU shop, girls things we did together but most importantly was things we share together. Togetherness.

Thank you for the community of Emak-Emak Blogger, BEAU shop, and all fabalous bloggers who joined the event! And so sorry for not putting enough photos as they were lost somewhere :(.

Thank you again!

P.S This posting isn't for blog competition šŸ˜ƒ.


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