Parjo Otomotif 2015: Pimp Your Ride at Automotive Festival Senayan

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My hubby and I were looking forward to go to one of  good events in Jakarta this weekend and we find out this one was interesting, automotive festival!

Although we're not in one of any automotive clubs in Indonesia - as there many automative clubs - but who knows if we can get something good? 

Our first impression when we got there was the old cars that display not far from the entrance.  

rarely to see old cars like this

interesting :-)

There were two entrances to go to Parjo Otomotif, the one side is mostly for car or motorbike accesories , but you can find some cars or motorbike selling there as well, and the otherside is display for old car and vespa.

God bless you! :-)

They have also photo contest on some booths. We took some photos for fun as well :-).  They might not allow the visitors to ride or even touch the display so better asking before taking a photo.

remind me of car in a movie?

this too

aha! my favorite car: surf boards and with the mini bar i side the car!

Went around to all the booths less than an hour. We stopped for a while as it was rainning so bring umbrella with you to prepare! 

We like the old stuff here, specially the vespa. Pitty most of the vespa were just for display as we like one of their vespa.

purple vespa, shall we?

that looks comfortable

for race?

Parjo Otomotif has the same time event with INA Craft and the location was not too far from INA Craft event. So, it would take ages to get there - special if raining - from the entrance to the car park. Best thing is to park somewhere near GBK and walk from there.

Here my last photo I took from Parjo Otomotif :-).

love this one


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