Weekend in Cibereum and Megamendung

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I'm kind of excited about weekend lately, always have an idea to do or going somewhere. But I'm interested to go to place with nature panorama - who doesn't? Nature not just give me good feelings but an inspiration as well.

Last Sunday was my Son's birthday so I asked him to celebrate his birthday in Puncak. Hubby and son agreed to go. So I did all the bookings, and also I was the driver!

I booked the hotel in Pesona Alam Resort that located in Jalan Taman Safari. Most people in Jakarta know where it is. If you haven't been there and interested in going there, I recommend to use Google maps for the direction. It is a very useful application to have if you like travel a lot.

I did the booking in Agoda website, and luckily there was good offer for the mobile user. I booked straight away as soon as I saw it - well, I read the testimony and did check first the pictures gallery of the hotel!

The Traffic in Puncak
Puncak is just about two hours from Jakarta with small traffic, but can be much longer if the traffic bad. The traffic on the weekend to Puncak is usually bad, I would recommend to go on Friday evening (just like we did on last weekend). We left the house around 4 pm and arrived in the hotel before 7pm with small traffic.

We were lost a bit when looking for the hotel. The hotel was exactly on the way to Taman Safari road. If going Jakarta the Jalan Taman Safari will be on the right. Then the hotel will be on the left from Jalan Taman Safari.

The paradise of Pesona Alam Resort
When we arrived at the gate of Pesona Alam Resort, I soon knew that the hotel must be nice! The hotel was a bit far from the gate, which is I think it's a good idea. Very quite and surrounded by trees, and most importantly the area of the hotel was very clean.

About 10 minutes checked in the receptionist and had two glasses of orange for the welcome drinks. The staffs are friendly and helpfull. I like it.
The lobby area has very nice view, it has pool and with few seats to enjoy the view. Even it was dark but I can still see nice view from the lobby. I could't wait till morning.

As soon as we got into to the room, I open the courten and then seeing the amazing of Puncak night view. I was sitting there for a while, speechles.
I was delighted about the condition of thw hotel, and I think my hubby and son too! We went around the hotel to walk, everything in the hotel was perfect, except about the dining on our first night. It took too long to get only Mushroon soup and drinks.

The hotel was really built for family environment. I would highly recommend to stay in this hotel if you want to have short vacation in Puncak.

The wild park of Taman Safari
Taman Safari was our plan to spend the Saturday. It was about 20 minutes from the hotel. But again, it can be longer on the peak season.

We paid for three tickets Rp 450K and the car park Rp 15K. Many locals sale carrots on the way to Taman Safari and mostly tourists bought them before entering Taman Safari. Although there was no rule about not feeding the animals but I would recommend not to buy the carrots to feed the animals.
My reason was simple: It makes the traffic worst.

We went around on car for about an hour. Very nice experience, specially if you have young kids.

We were interested in swimming with dolphin but the time since pass too quick, it was almost 4pm. 

Ticket was Rp750K each and Rp650K if with a group for half hour. Although the price a bit too high but seems that it worth experience - I almost did it as the dolphins too cute to be ignored. Before doing it while weather is good, that day was raining so not really good timing to get wet.

The Water fall in Curug Cibereum
We meant to go to the Paparango national park of Mountain Gede but seems too far and worried about the heavy traffic as that the opposite way of going back to Jakarta.

The hotel staff informed us to go to to nearest water fall instead (I felt like going to water fall). So we just decided to go there.
It just 20 minutes to get there. The location is high enough to drive and passing local residents. Prepare some small change is recommended as there some guys with a donation bucket for local mosque renovation, they're also helpful with the traffic. 

I wouldn't recommend to drive till the top. There was a big car park to park your car so park there and get the local Ojek to take you there. Ask for Rp10K for the Ojek. Most of the Ojek guys were nice. 

Try to be friendly with the locals there.
The entry ticket was Rp15K, have your water to drink with you before going up to the water fall. We went only to two water fall to avoid the raining. If you're interested in seeing all the water fall then I recommend you to check that you are healthy enough to climb as the hill was quite high.

Butterfly park was also recommended to see when you visit Curug Cibereum. Nice to see a lot of beautiful butterfly in nature. Need to pay to get in to butterfly park, wasn't including the entry ticket but it was very cheap, just Rp6k.

Cimory for the 'Oleh-Oleh'
Before going back to Jakarta we stopped in a place  called Cimory. Cimory was big enough place with restaurant and a shop with different types of local snacks or crackers.

Had lunch here and bought some snacks. And at least I got my capupcino here :-).


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