Day 1: Four Days Throughout Sukabumi

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While starting this writing I still feel the tiredness from our traveling to Sukabumi, but also very excited to share my story here about our trips.
So, here we go.

We planned a month ago to Pelabuhan Ratu, it's a part of Sukabumi that located in West Java. According to Google maps the distance from Jakarta to there would take over 3 hours, but always prepare longer if you drive in Indonesia!

This trip will be out first trip to Sukabumi.

Long hours driving to Sukabumi!
We left from home around 9am. Had everything packed the night before. Although the hotel or Vila will provide one of these things below but I always prepare to bring these stuff:
1. Blanket
2. Clothes
3. Medicine (antangin, antimo, panadol, minyak kayu putih, plaster, etc)
4. Spray mosquito and lotion
5. Toiletries (shampoo, gel wash, toothbrush, etc)
6. Foods (Rice and rendang)
7. Sarong Bali
8. Small pillow
9. 3 big bottle of mineral water
10. One small travel bag

And yeah never forget to bring identity card as well!

Everything was checked, including the car condition and full fuel!

The trip from home until the toll exit Jagorawi was fine. But then starting to have traffic when entering to Sukabumi. The traffic was very bad and long enough. Most roads all the way to Sukabumi was broken so we weren't prepare with this situation at all!

We were a bit confused about the information on the Google maps. Decided to continue when we supposed to turn right - the name of the road on the GPS was different with the real road.

Instead of keep continuing throughout Jalan raya Sukabumi we took to the right to Cidahu where this the unended trip began!

Start from the road to Cidahu we were passing so many broken roads and unrecognized villa. Was thinking that we were lost but my hubby said we weren't. To me it was like driving somewhere in the middle nowhere for three hours and on broken very steep roads!

But at least there was a village with very beautiful view.

At 3pm we stopped at a shop to rest and lunch. That's a good thing when we brought box lunch from home! Were we almost arrived after driving 4 hours.
Nope. Not even close!

We were warned by some people in the shop that the road will be nasty - very steep and twisty. According to them must experience driver to drive there, well we'll see!

When starting to enter the wild zona I soon knew that this trip going to be really nasty as the heavy rain was like supporting it!

I tried to fully concentrate when driving on the wild zone. The road was really steep and twisty, for few seconds I was dizzy from driving on that road. We stopped for a while as the window getting foggy and my sight wasn't really good from the heavy raining.

The wild zone was deadly challenging.
Just like what I expected it took longer than what Google maps information. We were finally arrived at Lagusa around 6pm. So it was almost 9 hours to get there!

My advice: takes the road to Cikadang instead of Cidahu.

Lagusa Vila and its spectacular views
We booked a room in Lagusa Vila three weeks in advance. I booked directly to the Vila for four days by sent a message. Got quick response from a lady known as Isma. The price was cheaper than booking from Agoda or

The checked in was quick and straight forward. We were directed by a staff to the room. Front of our room there was  padi and sea view. Even though it was cloudy and a bit raining but the view still look amazing, made us forget about my tiredness from long driving. 

For a moment we just stood there enjoying the view. And then we entered the room, I soon lying down on the bed.

As it was almost dark we decided to just have dinner at the villa restaurant. The restaurant was not too far from our room, we passed the swimming pool to get the restaurant, and the front restaurant had the same view like in our room, which is perfect!

We had fish with sweet and sour sauce, and fish soup specially for me. The dinner was delicious cooked by the Lagusa chef. 

We didn't stay long in the the restaurant. Decided to take a rest and have nice snooze.

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