Day 2: Four Days Throughout Sukabumi

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"Good morning" I said to the nature front of me. Very beautiful view and with the birds and the waves sound, I felt like listening a relaxing music. The sky was clean and blue, not too cold but breeze which made the morning was perfect.

Hubby and I went to the same restaurant in the villa. The room price was included breakfast, that was even better. We both had black coffee, my hubby had scramble egg and toasts, meanwhile I had pancakes. The breakfast delicious with perfect views front of us.

Planning to hike the mountain but decided not to because was a bit too late to do it. So, we went to the beach instead after breakfast.

Beach time
The beach was located not too far from Lagusa. Walked to the beach only 10 minutes, we were so excited
We passed the Padi all the way to the beach, and a village. The padi season had passed so we didn't have a chance to see its green padi.

Finally, we arrived at the beach. So beautiful, clean and quiet beach. There was a guy doing a handcraft when we walked off to the beach. We said hello and continued to walk.

The time was showing 9am but I felt the heat from the sun already. All the way to the beach there were baby crabs everywhere. The sand beach was very soft and clean so didn't hurt our feet at all. There was also a lot of big stones which made the beach even more beautiful.

We met a group of family that stayed at a Vila just located the front of beach. All the way was just quiet and felt like the beach was ours.

My hubby wanted to continue walking till the edge of the beach but I couldn't stand with the heat so I asked him to go back to the Vila.

Although I can't stand with the heat, I still love being on the beach, I wouldn't care if I my skin darker from the sun. 

Lunch at Pho Pho restaurant
We rested in the room for an hour and then decided to drive for lunch. From the Lagusa road, we turned right. We stopped at a restaurant that seems nice.

Pho Pho was just located front of the beach, less than half hour from Lagusa. It was a big restaurant with a big enough car park. They also provided a Musholla. Hubby and I decided to take a place that facing to the sea.

We choose lesehan style.

Although my hubby didn't use to with the lesehan he seemed enjoying the place. 

We ordered crab with black pepper sauce, calamary, and broccoli with shrimps. For the drinks were fresh juice!
Most of the staffs were friendly and quick at doing their jobs. Not too long to wait for our lunch even though that time was a bit busy. 

They have a good chef and perfect place to spend our day there!
For all delicious menu and big portions we spent less than Rp300K!

After lunch at Pho Pho, we stopped by a beach known as Karawung (if I'm not mistaken). Spent time sitting there for an hour. 

I had rujak bebeg there, kind of fruit salad, it cost only Rp 5000. Hubby refused to eat it as it might too spicy for him. Well, even for me!

We saw there was a group of motorbikes with young fellas wearing high school uniform guarded by a police car. Looks like they just had their graduation. I took some snaps when they passed front of us.

We then drove back to Vila and had a rest in the restaurant with a cup of tea and pisang goreng.

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  1. hahaha, i love rujak. hillarious.

  2. looks like fun indeed...I can't help but smile looking at the pictures of your hubby enjoying lesehan :)


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