Day 3: Four Days Throughout Sukabumi

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The third day in Pelabuhan Ratu. We haven't decided whether we want to do the rafting or not. So we told Mbak Isma to let her know by tomorrow morning.

We decided instead to go to Sharwana beach. Got the information from one of the staffs in Lagusa that it's a 'virgin' beach so we were thinking it was gonna be a great beach.

We had the same breakfast like the other morning in the restaurant. Meanwhile the restaurant was busy enough with foreign families. We decided to leave early to go to Sharwana beach.

Trip To Sharwana beach
We both love going to beach. So that's why when we heard about Sharwana we decided to go there.

The Lagusa guy informed us that the location was about 20km or about an hour driving.

I wasn't expecting that the road was going to be difficult. When starting to get very steep I knew that it was a challenge for me. I was deadly nervous when I saw at the very top of the mountain was very steep. 

But thank God, my hubby gave me confident to do it. And yeah, I did it!!!

We stopped at the top of the mountain where we saw a spectacular view from there. As well as great view the place was likely for tourists to rest. 

Tourists can enjoy the view while having fresh coconut that takes straight from the tree!

There were many people as well when we got there. Saw also few big buses, made me wondering about the safety of the passengers as the road was dangerous enough.

All the way to Sharwana, we saw some people with buckets asking for money. Some were for mosque renovation, the rest I wasn't sure.

After long driving we finally arrived at the gate called 'Sharwana Beach 20km' so it was definitely not 20km at all!
Some guys with a uniform asked for 'entry ticket'. 

They didn't tell the price, was up to us how much we wanted to give. I gave Rp 20K.

But then again, starting from this gate, there were many enough people trying to ask for money with their buckets. For good reasons, I was ready with small changes.

The road was not big enough for two ways but they used it for two ways anyway. Again, there was broken road everywhere.

We finally arrived front of Indomaret where a lot of cars parked. People came in and out from a bridge which I thought that was the beach entrance. 

Massive parking and the athmosphere made me wondering about the beach - thought that would be quiet and a bit private.

We walked about 1km to the beach, the weather was hot and all the way to the beach there were home stay everwhere. 

It would be much better if all the motorbikes weren just parked outside. 

The very small road with busy environment -the motorbikes and too many home stay - made me a bit upset. I couldn't really enjoy walking to the beach.

The beach was very nice, would be better if no motorbikes. The very loud music and the motorbikes were just ruin all the panorama front of me. I asked my hubby not to stay longer on the beach because I didn't enjoy at all being there.

We went back to the Vila and arrived around 6pm. After resting for an hour we continued to go out for dinner at Pho Pho restaurant.

When we had dinner at Pho Pho we go surprised by a famous Indonesian singer from the 80s. Yes, of course we got picture at the end after dinner with him, Obbie Mesakh.

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