Day 4 (Last Day!): Four Days Throughout Sukabumi

Friday, May 29, 2015 Jo Hanniffy 5 Comments

We even more excited to do a lot of activities on the last day, like rafting in Cikadang. But we were afraid that would be tiring me out to drive back to Jakarta. My hubby doesn't really drive much in Indonesia due to the massive traffics - I prefer to drive myself anyway for very good reasons.

Rafting would be a great adventours for us to celebrate our wedding anniversary, but we decided to do it next time. We got the information from the lady in Lagusa that the rafting defined into three different times, at 7am, 10am and 1pm. 

There were two different category for the distances:  5-6km and 6-9km. Both distances would take hours to finish due to the area of the rafting.

So we dismissed the plan for the rafting as we want to go back to Jakarta that day. Instead of doing rafting we went to the hot spring where located 20 minutes from Lagusa.

So after having breakfast we packed again and ready to go. From Jalan Lagusa we drove straight all the way until we found the sign to Cipanas. We were passing the sign and drove through to a road with very nice scenery. We were realized that we were driving too far that we were supposed to.

After driving over half hour we arrived at hot spring parked. There was an entrance gate with people in uniforms, they asked for the ticket Rp30K. I negotiated for Rp20K as that what it's said on the board! 

The park area was busy with locals, some cars were being washed by few guys. We parked the car at the front of local shop. There were many local shops in the car park, calling us to visit their shops.

We took the shorter way by climbing down from the cark park. Near to the hot spring there were locals selling clothes and stones jewelers or well know as 'Akik' in Indonesia.

Hubby went down to the hot spring first to check it. There some stones that could burnt your skin due to the hot from the water. The hot spring was full by locals, and of course hubby was like a celebrity, many of them asked for taking photograph with him.

We got some beautiful scenery to take, like there was a rainbow in the water. But due to taken by phone camera so it wasn't really picked up the rainbow on the camera. We were in the hit spring for an hour and decided to leave.

When we got back to the park, surprisingly our car was washed! A guy asked for the tip for washing the car, even we didn't ask for it!

We went back to the hotel and then packed again. Ready to go home.

Thank you Sukabumi
I'll see you soon again! 


  1. mom's hometown, and mine as well for sure :)..reading your story makes me missing it more :)...Thanks for sharing it..

    1. Oh so that's your home town. I see. Very beautiful place - lucky you're from there :D. Let me know when you visit home again. I might see you there :D

    2. Oh so that's your home town. I see. Very beautiful place - lucky you're from there :D. Let me know when you visit home again. I might see you there :D

  2. It seems like Ciater in Subang, but I guess the water temperature is hotter, there are a lot of hot steam everywhere

    1. Haven't been there but will put it on my list places to visit :D


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