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Wednesday, May 13, 2015 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

This morning, I attended an event, and I was very delighted to be invited to this event. The event theme was about Indonesian - how far you know about your country. As well as to introduce Javana tea that has just been 4 months in the market but it already give its significant value by reaching the top 5 brand awareness.

The event was also attended by Mr Aristo Kristandyo, Group Head of Marketing Beverages Wings food, a man who just met on the event was very friendly. As a very important person, he didn't really show it off to us. He came to us, shook our hands, smiling and saying: "thank you for coming". 

First time experienced an honor like that to me as a blogger.

According to Mr Kristandyo, Javana tea show its positive selling in the market industry.

I wasn't a big fans of tea bottle, because I think tasted was usually a bit weird. But I tried myself for Javana tea and this tea was different. 

I can say the taste was fresh and new. Unlike other product ready to drink, taste was not like tea at all. I'd prefer to drink it while it's cold. The price for Javana tea is also reasonable, Rp3,000/bottle - that's cheap, isn't it?

Back to the topic, anyway.

While talking about tea, we were also reminded about the Indonesian history: how good we know the story about our country? Well, I must admit that I was a bit embarrassed when Kang Asep - well know as a history teacher - asked few very easy questions but I couldn't think the answers very well.

That's it. I think I need to open my history books again.

Does anyone ever ever think or care about the pictures in the money? I do know.

Indonesia is such a huge country, one of the biggest country in the world. With its worthy sources it should made us not just proud but know it better than non Indonesians.

But, unfortunately the non Indonesians know more about this country than its own people.

However, not all locals have forgotten to keep the history, they even help other Indonesians to remember and learn again about Indonesia history. They are MANA INDONESIAMU and KOMUNITAS HISTORIA INDONESIA.

And yeah, I join them.
I thank you for the Wings Food for the invite and the lessons today. ❤❤❤

Last but not least, I want to congratulate my friends from blogger community who won the best writing on blogger category. You're rock! ❤❤❤


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