Have You Tried Facial Ozon Therapy With Helena Beauty Clinic?

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Talking about beauty things are always interesting subject to many women. We could talk about it all day! I feel to more pay attention on my health and appearance in my late 30, maybe because I realize that I'm getting older now but yet I want still look pretty and young, lol. So I make myself more discipline what I eat and exercise regularly. Also, seeing beauty therapist for a consultation about beauty products.
One I know that there is a good beauty clinic in South Jakarta so far is Helena beauty clinic. I've been using their services for nearly a year. With the help of experts from Helena I don't need to worry about its validity of their quality.
A week ago I tried their newest treatment for Facial Ozon Therapy. The facial is quiet long, about over two hours. I tried similar treatment before somewhere in East Jakarta area, but it was too expensive and the result was disappointing - I decided not to comeback again!
Anyway, this Facial Ozon Therapy treatment in Helena is excellent! My skin face is much cleaner and fresh. I would try it again in another three weeks, just like Ita said - one of Helena beauty therapist - she recommended to do the facial once a month.
Before the Ozon therapy
One thing I don't really like in facial is when they pick up my 'komedo' - it was hurt! But yeah the pain worth for your skin :D. I recommend not to take it if you can't handle the pain. But if you want your skins so so so clean then be ready!
With Ita before the steam :D
The steam made my skin face feel fresh and took only few minutes, that's the reward after she tortured me :D.
Golden serum mask, it was so cold :D
Masking will be the last before the Ozon (I think). I love this part. Even though I got facial treatment many times there but I always asking the same question to the beauty therapist: "Did you put the mask on the fridge first?" Well, they didn't. I don't know I feel like they're putting ice on my face with this mask.

Between those process above they also gave light treatment as the anti aging.

After the the Facial Ozon Therapy
Nearly over two hours and the treatment was done. I felt fresh and like getting a new skin again :D. Cost for Facial Ozon Therapy was Rp 450K. You can take a package as well to get discount :D.
Helena Beauty Clinic
Jalan Melawai RayaNo 189
South Jakarta
Telp 7279-3338


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